Meet: The Vaughns

Every good story deserves an introduction and this is ours.

We are a family made up of three humans and four pets.
Yes, four pets.
The best gang.

There isn’t really a grand story to our family. It’s simple.
Dan and I, we met online and the timing was perfect. We started dating, I gave him a dachshund and eight months into our relationship we got engaged. Only to find out two months later I was five weeks pregnant. It was exciting to know we were about to be parents to a little someone in the future. As we waited for my belly to get bigger and the motherly instincts were kicking in, I encountered a stray who I couldn’t turn away. I picked her up and brought her home with me. Weeks later, by our surprise, we had a litter in our hands. Last thing you know, we adopted one of the puppies into our home and made us a family of five, soon-to-be six with the baby and all. Valentine’s Day was around the corner and my ankles got bigger, stomach got wider and breast got larger. As the day of flowers and chocolates arrived, my husband surprised me with dog number four, my dream dog. A labradoodle. A month later I popped out a baby and here we are. A family of seven.

We have the father, Dan.
Three words to describe him: Intelligent, Faithful, Adventurous


We have the mother: Lola.
Three words to describe her: Funny, Loving, Analytical


We have daughter, Billie Jo.
Three words to describe her: Small, Cute, Clueless


We have dog number one, Badger.
Three words to describe her: Hungry, Long, Protective


We have dog number two, Waffles.
Three words to describe her: Fluffy, Clingy, Sweet


We have dog number three, Lïchï.
Three words to describe her: Tiny, Rambunctious, Spoiled


And last but not least, we have dog number four, Voodoo.
Three words to describe her: Goofy, Big, Black


We are the Vaughns, not perfect but just right.


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