The Perfect Diaper: Parasol

I’m not one to review products, just ask Amazon or iTunes. I never do it. Maybe it’s because it requires some effort on my part?

But this product, it’s worth raving about for days, months even.

When Billie Jo was first born, she went right into Pampers. It was the most recommended diaper on the market for all purposes but there was still some issues I had with it. I had initially wanted to do cloth diapering but we were still living in an apartment at the time and had no washer/dryer in our unit. It seemed unlikely that it was going to be possible to do.

I looked and tried almost every diaper on the market. I felt so unsatisfied with the diapers I kept coming across until I found Parasol Co.


If there is one way to do diapers right, Parasol knows what they’re doing.
Parasol Co is a subscription service of diapers and wipes.

These diapers are hypoallergenic, latex-free, chlorine-free, fragrance-free, free of lotions, inks without lead or heavy metals and cruelty-free/vegan.
I was thrilled to find out they had a free trial before I took the leap and signed up.
I was hooked the instant they arrived at my door.


The diaper is soft with a high back to avoid any accidents. The prints are cute, subtle and momma friendly. The wipes have this fresh cucumber and aloe smell and are super strong. The travel wipes have the perfect amount to throw in the diaper bag.


Also, can we take a minute to appreciate the packaging?
Am I the only person who thinks good packaging in anything can go a long way?

Although the subscription price is a little steep, you have the leisure to have them shipped to you every 3 weeks to 5 weeks at a time. You can also choose three types of prints and two different types of subscription that will allow you to see a change in price. I couldn’t be more thrilled about receiving diapers in the mail.


It’s the perfect diaper for a sensitive baby butt.



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