Bobo and Billie


The day Dan and I learned we were having a girl was one of the best days ever. We had contemplated a lot of possible names. From Luna to Penelope, but being that we are both fond of our family line and all of our ancestry we naturally chose each of our grandmothers names. Billie and Josefina, it felt so right and the names fit so well.


Every time we go up to North Texas and visit the Vaughns, we love seeing the interaction between grand-daughter and great-grandmother. It’s amazing to be able to capture pictures that one day Billie Jo will understand when seeing them, to be able to point out to the lady in red lips and say with pride “That is who I was named after.”

That holds a lot of value to us.

When I was dating Dan he had many times described his grandmother to me. Always pointing out with such pride her independence, her beauty, as well as her grace and all she’s been through. He left nothing out, she was absolutely everything he had described her as.

I hope one day Billie values these captured moments and enjoy all the many stories passed down to her of all Bobo’s adventures when she was a young girl herself.




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