Billie Jo: 10 Months

Miss Billie Josefina Vaughn turned 10 months today!


Time is an unbelievable thing. A thing constructed for humans by human to separate any and all seconds in life. I was lucky to put a moment to March 10, 2016. The day Billie Jo made her appearance into the world and was showered with an enormous amount of love from Dan and I.

When I was younger I remember so many adults telling my parents to enjoy me while I was still a kid because time would fly by and their youngest would one day be asking for a quinceaƱera and then permission to have a boyfriend, later a car and so on. It seemed ridiculous at the time because I couldn’t wait for time to pass me by.

Now, I sit in the computer room of my own house writing a blog I have created for my family while my baby girl is taking a nap. It’s funny how life works.

As Billie Jo turns 10 months, it allows me to reflect every little second I’ve been able to have with her. I’ve been ever so lucky to be able to stay at home and watch her develop into the silly girl she is today. It’s been a journey to see her learn to babble, to play with toys, to interact with Dan and I in her own individual way. These ten months though have also been so bittersweet, realizing that one day she won’t need me the way she does today. One day, she’ll find me annoying or too overprotective. She’ll one day think I’m outdated and not the cool mom she used to think I was and it makes me cringe.
I want her to always want to need me.

She’s ten months today and won’t be fifteen tomorrow but having her has made me realize how precious time is and how important it is to demonstrate every ounce of love you have for those around you.


I like to think I’ve done a few accomplishments in life and I’m proud of them all, but my most important accomplishment has been bringing her into this world.
I’m most proud of her; for all that she is today and all that she will be tomorrow.

She’s a piece of Dan, who is the most loving and selfless individual I’ve ever encountered. She’s half of him, the partner I choose.
It’s a silly think to focus on and but it always leaves me in awe, how timing is aligned for everyone. I was meant to meet Dan, fall in love with him and have Billie.

Our Billie.



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