Room Tour: Billie Jo’s Room

Being a homeowner has allowed me to experiment with colors, furniture and style. It’s allowed me to put our stamp on this old home.

One of my highlights from 2016, was to be able to turn this 1920’s craftsman home into something that is totally ours. It was easy to know how I was planning on tackling the master bedroom, living room and guest room area but I knew that Billie Jo’s room had to be special and it also had to be done first.

It’s my favorite room in the house because I’ve dedicated so much time and love into making it her sanctuary where she grows and sleeps everyday.


On the first trip Dan and I took, we stopped by San Antonio, Texas for a soccer match and during that time the city was having an annual festival by the name of Fiesta. The hotel we were staying at was covered in beautiful flowers made of tissue paper. On our way out, we were able to snag one of these wreaths and we thought it would make the perfect ornament for Billie’s door.


Most of the pieces in Billie’s room have either been from consignment stores, my old stuff or Target. We found both of these cross-stitch animal frames at consignment stores for super cheap. Our teal shelves are from Ikea and they’re the perfect shelves for books, stuffed animals and even some kid-friendly vinyl. 


I kept in mind to make her room feel colorful, magical and friendly. 
Some of our favorites finds this year were Lil’ Libros Bilingual Books that featured La Llorona, Loteria, Frida and many more. Being Mexican is something I’m incredibly proud of and want Billie Jo to be too; it’s the perfect way to integrate the hispanic culture daily.


While I was in college, I tried to get most of my furniture from Ikea or Craigslist. One of my favorite finds was this white drawer I picked up for $40 off of Craigslist in Austin, Texas. It’s shabby chic, sturdy and the perfect changing table.


I’m a huge neat freak, especially when it comes to Billie’s room. I love seeing her room clean even if it doesn’t last long. We purchased these cool canvas bucket bags for toys and dirty clothes and they’ve done wonders in keeping her room in order. I also have this old trunk that is family heirloom. It’s also done a great job in keeping all the toys in one area. 

Another favorite of 2016 was our Oh Joy! Diaper Bag from Target. It’s the perfect diaper bag that works as a backpack and also looks stylish without breaking the bank. 


Dan is a huge art collector, especially if the artist are local to the area so we’ve really tried to put artwork on her walls (local and from retailers) to constantly be stimulating her.
Some of my favorites are the Oh Joy! swan for Target, a unicorn silhouette by local artist Jazz Torrez, an animation of Dan as an Adventure Time character by artist Justin, a print given to us by a friend who knows our love for Kendrick Lamar “Don’t Kill My Vibe” which I believe is from Hobby Lobby, our OK light sign from Oh Joy! for Target and our Robo Girl piece from local artist Diego.


As a girl myself, I love unicorns so I tried to incorporate them into her nursery as much as possible. We found this reasonably priced unicorn plush head at Target, along with the tassel banner and the Oh Joy! neon heart. Crib is from Ikea, it’s the perfect crib for any baby and super friendly on mom and dad’s pocket. Mobile is from Babies R Us, and floral crib sheets are from Target.


I tried to make Billie’s room reflect her, happy and full of life. I was able to pull this room off using so many inexpensive items that you yourself can purchase.

I hope you enjoyed Billie Jo’s room tour, be sure to keep up with our blog to take a look at more sneak-peaks of our home.



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