Father-Daughter Relationship


Looking back at my childhood, some of my most favorite memories were with my daddy. My mom is amazing but my relationship with my father has always been special. I used to love sneaking out of the house with him to go to Toys R Us while my mom was distracted; coming back with a bag full of toys and trying my hardest to not have my mom notice.
They are funny stories now, but back then, it used to be the highlight of my day.

My father has always been one of my heroes, for many reasons. He’s worked so hard for the family, so that all of us could get a college education, new cars, stylish apparel, etc. Never complaining or throwing it in our face.

Everything my dad has achieved has been through the passion of hard work and strong work ethic. Qualities I love and admire so much from this man I call Dad.

I’ve always counted my blessings knowing that the relationship my father and I have had through the years is a special one and one that not many people can say they have. He’s my go to advisor, my support, my motivator, my daddy.

Becoming a mother has changed how I see my parents. I now understand the pain they felt when I was sick or crying. I now understand how easy it is to put your needs aside for your child because they are the most important and fragile thing you have.

When I found out Billie was a girl I was excited for her to get to experience all that and more with her own dad.

I’m lucky I was raised by a man who taught me to never settle for less than what I deserved and I never have.
When Dan came into my life, I just knew that he was everything I wanted in a partner and in a father for my future kids. He represented everything my father always told me to look for in a man. Smart, hardworking, driven, creative, loving, caring, sweet, and the list goes on and on.

We’ve only had Billie around for ten months now, but in those months I’ve seen Dan flourish into the kind of father I have. A father who’s easily wide-eyed by the silliest gestures Billie Jo makes, a father who cries when he see’s his baby in pain, and a father who smiles cheek-to-cheek and full of pride when he see’s his baby girl reach a milestone.


A father-daughter relationship was important in shaping me into who I am today.
I’m blessed to have that with my father and also to get the opportunity to see Billie Jo have that with her poppa as well.



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