First Time: At Madeline Park

There are many beautiful things that come along with parenting but my all-time favorite job has been to introduce all the first experiences and witness her reactions. It’s a thrill.


Billie Jo is four days away from being a one year old; we had never taken her to a park before. Mostly because Dan and I aren’t outdoor lovers but today, Dan was off, we had time on our hands and wanted Billie to get some fresh air. We decided to take a five minute drive to our nearest park, Madeline Park. It’s one of the most picturesque spots in the city. Its big, nestled in the middle of beautiful old homes dating back to the 1920’s. If you stand there for a minute, it’ll begin to feel more like a movie set than being in a neighborhood of a city in the Wild West.

As we got Billie out of the car, you could see her eyes full of glisten for what was in front of her. A park full of grass, trees and best of all, some swings.

Billie Jo hadn’t been on a swing before but I had recently seen a video a friend of mine had posted on social media. She had taken her baby to a park and tried out the swings. The experience must of been frightening to the child because I can remember the heavy tears rushing down his cheek. I expected the same, after all, it was her first time on a swing.

I was wrong, because she absolutely loved it. Smiling as the wind blew on her light brown hair. She held on tight and rocked back and forth, in sync with the swing.

billie jo swing 5.jpg

Days away from being one, she’s a fan of standing on her own but hasn’t gathered the courage to start taking steps by herself. It’s a bittersweet feeling because I want to witness that milestone before she turns one but I’m also full of cheer knowing she’s still my little baby who can only crawl to get from one corner of the room to the other.

Today at the park she showed just how right I’ve been all along when saying how independent she is. She wanted to walk and did it the only way she felt comfortable. She had us guide her, holding her hands and as we walked through the park. It felt nice to grasp on her to her because there was a need for me. She needed Dan and I to hold her to get through each step. I know she won’t always need a hand, or want me by her side and the thought scares me because I want her to always need me but most importantly, always want me around. She’s become our best friend.


It was nice to get out and breathe air in a park, especially as a family. I hadn’t strolled in a park in years and to have been able to experience it with Billie for her first time was so much fun! Parenting is not always easy but it’s always worth it.




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